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Gilet for men

At the beginning, the vests were sewn with their practical application in mind. Tourists, who could afford to hunt in Africa, wore vests, which, thanks to their large pocket, could contain ammunition, maps and other necessary accessories. Originally sewn from cotton, they were to be adapted to the warm climates of Africa. Today, vests sewn from warm materials are to protect our body mainly on cold autumn days.

Down gilet, also called bodywarmer, or sleeveless vest, is perfect in the autumn and winter season, it will please every man. Great for walking, playing sports or even for work. Previously associated only with a work or sports outfit, today it returns to favor. Designers restoring the vest to fashion, gave it a new, fashionable look, thanks to which a warm, down vest is also associated with urban life, street fashion and elegance.

There is probably no such person who has not worn a vest at least once in his life. This is the part of the wardrobe that you love or not. A warm, down vest has many advantages. First of all, it is functional - it can be worn in a lot of ways. Handy - it will fit in any travel bag. Comfortable - it gives warmth on cold days where it is needed most.

Jacket or gilet?

A warm gilet made of polyester material with soft stuffing has many strong points. First of all, it doesn't restrict your movements. Unlike a jacket, the vest does not have sleeves that may hinder free movement. It provides warmth where it is needed most in cold weather - the body. It is light and takes up little space. A small backpack is enough to fit it all. The best news is that we can wear a vest with virtually anything. It is a great addition to any type of clothing, not just for sports or work, but also for the office! With the vest, you can create an infinite number of combinations and styles, without stopping at one. A comfortable and comfortable vest will allow you to create your own unique everyday style in combination with other clothes.

Sports gilet

For hunters who like to ride fishermen, a vest is an inseparable element. We especially recommend a vest for mountain lovers, it will be a perfect companion during hiking trips. For cyclists who still enjoy this sport on cold days, we recommend a vest as a warm outerwear. When practicing ice skating, the vest keeps you warm and at the same time allows for full hand functionality. To make the vest look good in the sports set, we suggest to combine it with sweatpants, cotton T-shirt and sweatshirt with a hood, or with a high, warm collar. For men who like to experiment with fashion, we recommend wearing classic sneakers. They will go great with the whole.

Casual vest

A practical vest can be a very functional companion every day. When we need to go out somewhere, a vest put on top will work great. Combination of vest with long-sleeved shirt will create a casual look. Urban fashion is very conducive to wearing vests, they allow you to create very practical, fashionable and comfortable combinations. On autumn evenings a combination of warm sweater and vests is very practical and looks great. Putting a warm vest on a transition jacket can significantly extend the period of wearing your favorite lighter jacket. We also recommend combining a bright sports jacket with a waistcoat, thanks to which it will be warmer and our everyday jacket will gain new freshness.

Work bodywarmer

Certainly gentlemen who work physically should wear a bodywarmer as a mandatory outfit every day. But we also want to suggest a vest for men who come to work dressed elegantly.

In today's fashion, blurring of the boundaries between casual and casual fashion is becoming increasingly apparent. Combining sports elements with elegant clothes is a common activity in design. However, to compose a good outfit, the combination of elegance and everyday life requires a real challenge. An incompetent combination of colors and fabrics can cause the opposite effect. Of course, we encourage men to combine the vest with the jacket, but with caution.

Vest worn as a coat for suit jacket will give the man a modern breeze. An elegant sweater plus a jacket plus a vest will create a set of an extraordinary man who is not afraid of challenges. This fashion came to us from Italy, where the residents gladly put on a vest even on a suit, not afraid to experiment with fashion.

For men who work outside, for example, designing gardens, a vest will be a great combination of warmth and comfort. A vest can be a compromise between comfort and good appearance.

The most common mistakes to wear a vest.

Above we wrote that the vest fits almost everything. Now we want to explain how you should not wear a vest. We do not recommend wearing a patterned vest for an equally decorative remaining garment. Playing with colors is fun, but we don't suggest choosing clothes based on the colors of the rainbow. Under a green sweater and dark pants, a brown vest will look great. The vest should fit snugly to the body, too loose the vest widens our silhouette, making men look bad.


Most men are not eager to stand out from the environment, which is why they usually choose subdued colors - gray, black. We encourage men to experiment. The color accent in the outfit will add dynamics and energy to your everyday look. Everyone who wants to give character to themselves and their stylizations should look nicer at the full range of colors and choose the right one. The right outfit is our showcase. Grays and blacks are a very safe set, but the addition of some energetic color will make this monotony break. It is said that we will not recognize a man by his clothes, but it is true that we pay attention to clothes. Therefore, we recommend color accents that will make a man from "invisible" mode change to "noticeable" mode.

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