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men's denim jackets

Denim jackets - men's outerwear

The history of the iconic denim jacket is strongly associated with the history of its other half, i.e. jeans. The first models from more than a century and a half looked more like a shirt than the clothes you put on. Gold diggers wore them. They worked great in these difficult conditions. Thick jeans protected the body against abrasions and cuts, it was also durable.

Thanks to this practicality, the men's denim jacket quickly deserved the sympathy of other representatives of the working class. Soon, the whole world would love her - regardless of background, occupation, age or gender ...

Denim jackets liked, among others James Dean, Paul Newman, Kurt Cobain and Sid Vicious. This is a characteristic element of American rockers and country musicians, as well as fans of vintage style and lumberjack guys.


The first men's oversize denim jacket

The first and for a long time the world's most popular oversize denim jacket for men and women was created by the well-known brand Lee. The model was called 101J.

It is worth knowing that the name "denim", which we use every day, really referred to the specific style of trousers, and not to the material from which they were made. This material is denim, so the correct denim jacket name is denim jacket. Although it really matters?


Men's denim jacket - short description

Men's denim jacket with or without a hood - like a t-shirt or sneakers - clothes with a low degree of formality. Its undoubted advantage is, however, versatility - it is said that jeans fits virtually everything and is suitable for most occasions. You can put her to school and college, go out for a walk with her girlfriend, meet friends or go shopping. This is a typical element of casual fashion, but also of rock and hippie style. Jeans wear skaters, metals, nerds - in a word - everyone!

How do you recognize a fashionable denim jacket? Despite the changing accessories, finishes, the appearance of abrasions, patches or badges, the men's denim jacket has changed little. It usually has a characteristic shirt collar and is fastened with metal rivets. Men's denim jackets have several pockets - usually at chest height and two oblique ones located at navel height.


Men's denim jacket with hood and oversize: what to wear them with?

Men's denim katana looks great with everything. Total denim look is a controversial, but also very fashionable set, i.e. a combination of a denim jacket with trousers and a denim shirt. If you decide on this option, remember that all elements should not be in the same shade - this is similar to an employee's uniform.

More suited models are suitable for summer evenings, in those wider you can easily dress in spring and autumn. Just put several layers of clothing under it, such as a sweater, shirt and a T-shirt. Anyway - styles using many layers is a hit of recent seasons. In addition, a woolen hat and checkered scarf. In this set, the autumn aura will not be scary.

You can wear denim clothing in a casual combination with longsleev. Add an urban backpack, joggers and fabric sneakers. Men's denim jacket with a hood also looks good together with a t-shirt, sneakers and baggy pants, i.e. with a lowered crotch.

And if you want to put on a more polite and more stylized style, reach for the set: oversize denim jacket, one-color shirt and cardigan. For this bright, beige chinos and leatherette shoes. And what set will you choose? We invite you to shop at the Ozonee online store. Create your original style.

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