Jackets for men

For a modern, well-groomed guy, jacket is one of the basic clothing items in the wardrobe. Its basic function is to provide protection during adverse weather, such as autumn wind, winter snowstorm or spring rain. At present, however, we require jackets to do more than just "warm" the body during periods when the temperature on the thermometer drops below zero. If we choose a jacket in the right cut and match it properly with other pieces of clothing, it will mean that for the owner fashion does not hide secrets. Thanks to such expertise you can make a good impression during a date, the first days at the university, at work, at a family meeting. Due to the fact that men pay so much attention to the choice of outerwear, they - contrary to common stereotypes - spend a lot of time to get to know the market and buy a copy that perfectly meets their expectations.


What are the fashionable men's jackets?

For occasions such as going out to the club, on a date or at the party, it's worth to let men's clothing not give us seriousness but only character. Such a result can be obtained by using a kangaroo jacket, a model that draws inspiration from streetwear, which is distinguished by the fact that it has a zip fastening only to the level of the chest. Pilot jackets also have an interesting look - they are made of leather and have a thick, usually white sheepskin around the neck. For men with a well-groomed beard, this gives an aesthetic look. Also referring to aviation are fleece jackets, which perfectly protect against the wind, have cuffs at the bottom and at the wrists. To make this outfit truly unique, it is worth matching classic jeans and heavy footwear or high heels to the pilot. Leather jackets are loved by many guys because they are comfortable and refer to the motorcycle subculture. A popular type of this clothing is Ramones - with two flaps, a zipper, and often studs or similar metal accessories. For guys who want to stand out from the crowd, denim jackets are recommended - recently experiencing their second youth.


Lightweight jackets - what to consider when buying?

There is always some kind of jacket in a guy's wardrobe - regardless of what month name is currently on the calendar. This type of clothing is especially useful during the transition period, i.e. in spring and autumn, when the sun shines once and it rains once. Quilted men's jackets are recommended for those living in the city. Clothing of this type is a bit sporty in appearance, because it usually has the ability to pull off sleeves and adjust the width to the user's waist. A similar effect and equally willingly chosen for everyday occasions is a bomber jacket. For guys who want to clearly mark their sport passions, softshells, i.e. jackets for outdoor activity, are recommended. A clever way to change clothes is by choosing them in camo shades. This means that dirt caused by mud or rain will not be visible on clothing as much as in the case of a single-color windbreaker.


Men's jackets for the winter - what are the types? What to look for when choosing?

Winter conditions, i.e. low temperature, snow, frosty wind, are a priority justification, through which we complement our wardrobe with thick, warm clothing. This does not mean that you have to give up the original, modern style. Elegant winter jackets for men can be successfully dressed for a suit or shirt when an official event such as a job interview or a family celebration is waiting for us. Jacket for such occasions should not be covered with inscriptions or fancy patterns - here it is worth focusing on a casual style that will blend in with formal attire. In this case, parkas jackets, i.e. a copy with a hood, pockets and a cut reaching behind the buttocks, work perfectly. Comfort during low temperatures will be provided by cheap down jackets in fashionable blue, black or graphite. The down jacket also has a version designed for high-performance athletes, such as mountaineers, because the down perfectly insulates against the cold.

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