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Men's Jumpers & Cardigans

Every fashion-interested guy has at least one men's jumper in his wardrobe. Why is this type of clothing more and more popular? For example, many people love men's Christmas sweaters, because they are soft, pleasant to the touch and perfectly fit for cheerful evenings with the family. Jumpers are available in many colors and designs, so you can choose the model that best expresses the personality of the guy who wears it. A long warm sweater is the perfect clothing for the colder months, when we want to avoid colds the most - then a jumper made of thick material will provide a sense of comfort. In addition, the sweater can be part of an outfit that will work on many occasions, both formal and looser - interview, going out with friends, a date, classes at the university. All you have to do is choose the right pants, shoes or shirt to create a sweater to create a positive impression for those around you.

Men's sweater - what are the types?

The most common type of jumper is a classic sweater with a round collar. He can often be found with cuffs at the waist and sleeves, which adheres more to the body and does not give the impression that it "hangs" on the male figure. In turn, cardigans are jumpers with a zipper or buttons. Thanks to this, on warmer autumn days, it is enough to put them on a T-shirt or shirt to feel completely comfortable. What's more, they can be a great alternative to a jacket or jacket. Another type of sweater is the model with a V-neck neckline, i.e. with a cut-out in the shape of a triangle. It is designed in such a way that the tie or shirt under the sweater is clearly visible. Among the sweaters eagerly worn by guys is also a short-sleeved jumper. It is recommended to those men who want to present to the world the effects of a visit to a tattoo salon or their work in the gym in the form of muscular arms. Sweaters can also have a turtleneck, which means that on cooler days the neck stays inside a warm wool collar. When it comes to the material from which jumpers are made, wool is the most common, but more and more often you can get a sweater with the addition of acrylic, which makes clothing more adhering to the body.

How to choose fashionable jumpers?

A Norwegian sweater can be worn with jeans or chinos. A shirt sweater is an elegant proposition, provided it is sewn from thin material. If you decide to combine a shirt with a jumper, remember that the shirt collar is hidden under the jumper and the cuffs are visible. In contrast, thicker men's wool sweaters can be dressed when there is a less binding occasion. To follow current fashion trends, it is worth choosing a men's cardigan sweater in the color that is most popular, i.e. graphite, yellow, blue, burgundy, red, black, white or green. Since sweaters are most often worn in the autumn and winter, it is recommended to buy a zip sweater in warm, mature colors - a honey sweater would be a great option for someone who wants to show off their taste in the fashion world. Choosing a warm cardigan, you can choose a jumper that will be covered with geometric or floral patterns. Thanks to this, the stylization will stand out from the rest.

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